Why VibraDental?

Who is VibraDental?

VibraDental is an innovative home dental kit designed and created by Australian dentist, Dr Stephen Blatchford.

As a dentist of more than 30 years, Dr Blatchford has seen many over-hyped home whitening kits over the years with little to no benefits. Dr Blatchford has designed the VibraDental kit using patented technology that combines vibration with VibraDental’s unique foaming solutions that have been specifically formulated to whiten teeth, improved gum health and build tooth strength.

VibraDental provides professional results while remaining cost-effective.

What is VibraSonic?

Our VibraSonic mouthpiece is equipped with the power of vibration which catalyses the uptake of our formulated solutions onto the teeth and gums. This increases the effectiveness of our solutions, whilst decreasing the amount of time needed to achieve visible results.

The VibraSonic mouthpiece is also equipped with a blue light, which is an activation agent for the hydrogen peroxide in our VibraWhite solution, and a red light, that has been shown to promote healing in tissue.

The VibraSonic mouthpiece lasts for 25 minutes on a full charge and is rechargeable via the included USB-C cable.