Frequently Asked Questions

What is VibraDental?

VibraDental is an innovative home dental kit created and designed by dentist Dr Stephen Blatchford. A dentist of more than 30 years, he has seen many over-hyped home whitening kits with little to no benefits. With patented technology, the totally unique VibraDental kits provide professional results whilst remaining cost-effective. 

Why VibraDental?

VibraDental is completely unique from your traditional home whitening kits. Our patent-pending, rechargeable VibraSonic unit and custom mouthpiece with super soft bristles gently vibrates and massages the teeth and gums, increasing the effectiveness of our solutions allowing you to see results even faster than using the solutions on their own. The use of our foaming agent allows for greater tooth coverage when compared to gels. As an added bonus, upload personal photos for Dr Stephen to assess if you have any concerns about your smile!

What comes with the kits?

Each kit comes with the VibraSonic unit, a custom-designed mouthpiece, shade guide, travel pack and a bottle of our specially formulated foaming solutions that allow for up to 60 applications.

How long do VibraDental results last?

To keep your teeth white and your gums healthy, we recommend using your VibraDental solutions once a week after your initial application.

Does it hurt?

Our unique foaming solutions contain a number of restorative and soothing agents designed to help strengthen your smile for a pain-free experience. Our VibraSonic unit also utilises red light photon therapy to promote healing of the gum tissue.

How do I use the VibraDental kits?

Simply attach the one-size-fits-all mouthpiece to the VibraSonic unit and apply three pumps of the foaming solution to the top and the bottom of the mouthpiece.

Put the mouthpiece in and press the power button for the correct light setting – blue light for VibraWhite and VibraTough or red light for VibraGum. Then let the power of vibration begin. After 5 minutes, remove the mouthpiece, spit and rinse. Repeat once a day for 14 days and then to touch up as required.

What ingredients are used?

Each bottle of foaming solution has been specifically formulated and perfected to provide optimal results.

VibraWhite contains hydrogen peroxide which is the preferred method of whitening by dentists worldwide. Hydrogen peroxide is also the most effective tooth whitening ingredient available on the market.

VibraGum contains a combination of chlorhexidine and hydrogen peroxide which are used to treat swelling, redness and bleeding of the gums. These ingredients work to eliminate bacteria which encourages fresh breath and improved overall gum health.

VibraTough contains a combination of potassium nitrate, fluoride and casein phosphopeptide (CPP), which have been shown to encourage enamel remineralisation by acting as a carrier for calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions, offering improved tooth toughness.

For a detailed list of ingredients, check the product descriptions.